1. Boost Website Speed: Our WordPress hosting service strives to speed up the loading of your website so that users can view your content without any buffering.
2. 24-hour system: We understand the value of time, In the quick-paced world of today. We make the commitment to set up your website within 24 hours of connecting with up for our service.
3. SEO optimisation: Our hosting service will help you to optimize your website , which will raise your website's position in search engine rankings and bring in more visitors.
4. Enhanced customer experience: A quicker website results in a better user experience, which can raise interest, conversion rates, and eventually, income for your company.
5. Market-leading technology: To keep your website current and functional, we use the newest technology.


Advantages of WordPress Hosting

Elevate Your Online Presence with Managed WordPress Hosting and Expert Support


No Coding Required

Our Wordpress hosting service eliminates the need for any coding, making it easier for users to set up their website quickly.



We offer the ability to customize 15 different parameters such as color, pricing, and social media links, among others, to ensure your website fits your needs.


No Need to Manage

With our fully-managed WordPress hosting service, you can relax knowing that your website is in safe hands.


Custom Pricing

Our WordPress hosting service is designed specifically for new projects, allowing users to set up their website in just one day with custom pricing.


Free Upgrades

Our Wordpress Hosting service is constantly evolving, and we keep upgrading to incorporate the latest technology.



Our Blockerry support team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Simple Pricing, Exceptional Results

Our WordPress server subscription costs ₹ 3299 per month, with no setup fees or additional costs. You have the choice to leave at any time!

WordPress Hosting

₹ 3299.00

Per Month

  • Server Included
  • Free SSL
  • Setup Social Media Link
  • Setup Price
  • Domain Pointing Included
  • No Compiling/ No Codeing

Lead the Competition with Our WordPress Hosting that Boosts Speed

Our WordPress hosting service increases your website's functionality and speed.

Our awesome features

To increase conversion rates, it is necessary to have a low bounce rate, best user experience all this is possible with excellent speed loading of websites .

With faster loading times, your website will make a great first impression and help you reach your marketing goals.

Don't let slow loading times negatively affect your SEO positioning - choose our WordPress hosting for optimal performance.

14-Day Trial

You can try out our WordPress hosting service during a 14-day trial time. You are able to evaluate the benefits of our hosting during this period to see if it's an ideal fit for your website. You can cancel at any moment during the trial period if you're not pleased, and you won't be charged.

Our awesome features