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2. Next-Generation Open Source Application Hosting Explorer.
3. Futuristic Open Source Application Hosting Explorer.
4. Modern Open Source Application Hosting Explorer.
 Our cutting-edge Open Source Application Hosting Explorer allows for simple configuration without the need for coding knowledge. Our service includes a complimentary server, SSL, and the latest version of the explorer. Additionally, clients can enhance their experience by adding social media connections and customizing project pricing.


Advantages of Our Plug-and-Play Explorer Solution

Gain Unprecedented Insight into Your Open Source Application Hosting Process with Our Revolutionary Explorer


No Coding Required

Our service eliminates the need for any coding. Simply submit your executables and logo, and your explorer will be ready with a custom domain and SSL.



We offer the ability to customize 15 different parameters such as color, pricing, and social media links, among others, to ensure your explorer fits your needs.


No Need to Manage

You won't have to manage the server or constantly check it. Our fully-managed explorer can be set up in just a few minutes.


Custom Pricing

Our service is specifically designed for new projects, allowing you to set up custom pricing before listing on an exchange.


Free Upgrades

Our Open Source Application Hosting service is constantly evolving, and we upgrade our explorer to incorporate the latest technology.



In addition to regular updates, our support team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Pricing that Fits Every Need

New projects or any giant projects: we can manage all. Transparent Pricing Billed monthly. 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked, 1 Explorer, Free Upgrades, Custom Domain, SSL Security, Up to 10 GB of Block Storage.



Per Month

  • Server Included
  • Free SSL
  • Setup Social Media Link
  • Setup Price
  • Domain Pointing Included
  • No Compiling/ No Codeing

Focus on Marketing Your New Projects

New project founders have a lot on their plate. Why waste time on Silly Technical Things. Let the Blockerry Team manage that for you.

Our awesome features

Just Generate the Daemon, we will Make sure the Node Syncs Easily with 99% uptime

Share Your URL Share the Latest Version Explorer of Your Project Proudly with SSL

Customize and Grow Customizing the Explorer is so Easy.

24/7 Monitoring Don't Worry about your Explorer we are monitoring it everyMinute.

14 Days Money Back Gurantee

Don't worry. If you don't like it just cancel the subscription in 15 Days. We will refund the amount without question

Our awesome features